Halion Sonic SE Pro license not found

Good time of day. I am writing to you hoping for help because I don’t know who else to turn to. There is a problem with the library license in Halion Sonic SE 3.
I have Cubase Artist 12, I downloaded the Demo project “By Austin Hull” from Download assistant in the Cubase Pro 12 section. I opened it to look at it out of professional interest, but after that my library in Halion Sonic, which is called Halion Sonic SE Pro, stopped working. Writes that the license was not found. Maybe you can tell me how to solve this problem?

I suppose this is because you are Running Halion Sonic SE, and it does not include the “Pro” presets.

I mean, are you certain they worked previously?

Yes, this library has worked before. It is loaded with all the other libraries for Helion Sonic 3 SE for Cubase Artist 12

The red symbol with the white line through it in the presets does indeed mean you’re attempting to load content that you’re not currently licensed for. My guess is that you accidentally installed the HALion Sonic SE Content from Cubase Pro 12 in the Download Assistant instead of from Cubase Artist 12.

To fix this on Windows, you can uninstall “HALion Sonic SE 3 Component” and “HALion Sonic SE Content” from the Apps & Features control panel, then launch Steinberg Download Assistant, and open Cubase > Cubase Artist 11, and then install the HALion Sonic SE 3 Instrument and Content downloads. Make sure to run Steinberg Library Manager at least once after you do this, and HALion Sonic SE should work normally again in Cubase Artist.


Thank you so much for the answer. I did everything as you said. I removed the “Halion Sonic SE 3 Component" and ”Halion Sonic SE Content“ and removed the Halion Sonic content from the library manager and then installed it from Cubase Artist 11 and run Library manager, but the problem was not solved. The content for Halion Sonic SE Pro has been installed again, but it is also not available and asks for a license

weird stuff. please get in touch with steinberg and let them know what all you’ve tried. if you ever get an answer i’d love to hear what the solution was.

As someone mentioned above, Halion Sonic SE Pro is not licensed for Cubase Artist

Same problem with my Cubase 12 pro, Followed carefully the suggested steps, yet installer stops me with “no authorisation” sign…):