Halion Sonic SE problem

After upgrading to 6.5 from 6…I created a Halion Sonic SE track. And I get the blue message stating…

VST Sound Library “Fretless Bass 01” not found.
C:\Documents and settings\Audio User\ApplicationData\Steinberg\Content\HalionVSTSound\FCP_SMT_015_Fretless Bass_01.vstsound

When I close this window another pops up with a different bass then another and another and so on…

What could be wrong?


Try opening media bay and open the vst sound tree and un check the box next to Halion Sonic SE…select keep then recheck the box.

I appreciate your response. But, it had no effect on my problem. Everytime I load Halion Sonic SE, it tells me it couldn’t find certain bass sounds… then loop-1 not found…then an organ then a clavinet then about 3 other things before the nag screens go away and then HS SE works perfectly.
I wonder if it is trying to find sounds that I don’t have anymore. If that’s the case…should I check the box that says “Please don’t ask again”??? Or ckeck the box that says “Remove”…???

If you are sure they are not included sounds in the SE library you can select remove the link that will stop the error message… What I would do first is see if you can find them doing a search on the drive you put the sounds to see if you can locate them. I believe you also are given the option to locate the sound when you get the error. One other thing you may try if you believe the sounds are included is re installing the SE content and when you get the prompt to modify,repair or remove select repair.
Best of luck

Thank you! I will try that. I really really appreciate your response.

Can anyone tell me if these files are supposed to be in Sonic SE?
(The files below opens in their own window telling me “not found”. Then I hit “Ignore” and the next one opens and the next etc…) It’s always the same ones. There are 18 of them. I can’t find the missing files in my system.

Halion Sonic Fretless Bass 01
Halion Sonic Modern Bass Fing 01
Halion Sonic Modern Bass Fing Add 01
Halion Sonic Modern Bass Pick 01
Halion Sonic Modern Bass Pick Add 01
Halion Sonic Vintage Bass RW Fing 01
Halion Sonic Vintage Bass RW Fing Add 01
Halion Sonic Vintage Bass RW Pick 01
Halion Sonic Vintage Bass RW Pick Add 01
Halion Sonic Loop 01
Halion Sonic Transistor Organ 01
Halion Sonic FM Piano 01
Halion Sonic Clavinet 01
Halion Sonic CP80 01
Halion Sonic Solo String 01
Halion Sonic French Horns 01
Halion Sonic Acoustic Bass 01
Halion Sonic SE GM Factory Presets

All of them except the last one are for Halion Sonic not SE…Do you have any GM instruments when you open Halion Sonic SE. They should be at the very beginning of the list. Also you should have 1000+ available sounds for SE. Open up the previewer and you can see all of them. At the top right it should give you a NUMBER count of instruments.

The first ones on the list are:
1210 Backspin FX
1965 Combo
1984 Synth Stab
1990’s Hit
and so on…

It says I have 822.

Judging by what you said… I probably need to reinstall or “repair” SE.
I upgraded from C6 to 6.5 and downloaded it. So I don’t have the new SE on a disc. Will I get a disc in the mail?
Will it be the same SE that I have in my C6 disc?

CWS…Thank you very very much for all your help!!! :smiley:

Yes, You can use your disk to install the content of SE. All the 6.5 update does is reinstall Cubase itself. AGAIN it will ask you when you try to install 3 options. Select repair…My 1st GM is GM001 Acoustic Grand Piano. Also you could also select to remove the content then reinstall…


I uninstalled Halion Sonic SE and the SE content. Then reinstalled off of the disc. Everything is working great!
No blue screens telling me it couldn’t find files…
I also now have all my GM Factory sounds. I have 986 presets now.
Thank you sooo much.


You are welcome glad you have it fixed now !