HALion Sonic SE rack MIDI tracks' programs linked?

Hello. I’m not sure how to explain this, but here goes.

I have successfully routed multiple MIDI tracks to different channels of one rack (not track) instance of HALion Sonic SE. When I play them back, their sound reflects that of the HALion Sonic “slot” number that the channel number corresponds to.
However, I find it annoying that whenever I change the program --whether in the track overview dropdown, or the sidebar dropdown, or even in the HALion Sonic interface itself --it changes all of the track program names to show the one I changed it to, though it doesn’t actually change the sound or the name of the program in the slots view of the HALion Sonic instrument.
For instance, say, for instance, that I have a MIDI track routed to Channel 1, and Channel 1’s program is “Cello Duo”, and I have another MIDI track routed to Channel 2, and Channel 2’s program is “Chamber Strings”. I’ve noticed that if I change Channel 2 to “Bellperc strings”, then everywhere that it once said that Channel 1 was “Cello Duo”, it changes to “Bellperc strings” as well, even though it still sounds as “Cello Duo”.

Is there something I’m missing that’s causing the program information to be tethered? Is there a way for me to make it show the program name independently (and accurately)? It’s not a real problem, since I can always just rename the MIDI tracks so I can tell them apart --it’s just not convenient. I know I’m probably just doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what.