Halion Sonic SE reload

Hi everyone.
I was in impression that Halion Sonic SE3 is the same as Halion Sonic SE just the higher version. So I installed…
Of course when trial time was up I didn’t want to keep it and I deleted it from the system. Unfortunately I deleted the library s and some parts of the regular HS SE.
Now I have all those weird messages of missing components every time that I start the new project or open Cubase. Also HS SE is missing many features and librarys.
Is it possible to reload regular version of Halion Sonic SE- the free version that comes with the Cubase?

You installed the full version of Halion Sonic, not Halion Sonic SE 3. These are COMPLETELY different things. The actual HS SE 3 is free, if you have an eLicenser with a Cubase 9 license you don’t even need to use an activation code.

You’ll have to redownload the Cubase 9 installer from your MySteinberg. After reinstalling Halion Sonic SE, you can get the SE 3 upgrade for free here:

Future Cubase updates should have HS SE 3 already included.

Romantique Tp - it works like a charm.
The only problem is that the error messages still appears.(see attachments)
Any thoughts?
error 2.PNG
error1. png.PNG

The libraries seem to be still in your system and are trying to load. How did you remove the full version of HS3? You’re supposed to use the “Programs and Features” menu in Windows to safely remove it.

That is exactly how I uninstalled it.
It’s not a problem but it’s annoying…

You probably uninstalled Halion Sonic 3 (the program) but failed to uninstall the libraries that came with Halion Sonic 3.
Uninstalling HS3 alone does not uninstall the libraries.
It is probably something like “Steinberg Halion Sonic 3 Content”

Sounds like your forgot to uninstall the new Sonic 3 content libraries before uninstalling Sonic 3.

No problem…
Install the Free Sonic 3 SE Download if you have not already done this.

This will replace SE 2, and It’ll give you back the “HALion Library Manager” that is needed to easily manage the newer content libraries.

Now run the HALion Library Manager, and remove any of the full Sonic 2 and 3 content that might be listed. It’s going to be things like:
Anima Synths
Auron Synths
B-Box Drum Machine
Eagle Pianos
Hot Brass
Model C Organs
Raven Pianos
Sky Lab Synths
Studio Strings
Trip Synths
Trium Synths
Voltage Synths
World Instruments
World Percussions

I did what you suggested. I didn’t have all listed contents. But there was few. I remove them from the manager. I also went to User/name/appdata/roaming/steinberg/content/vstsound/ and try to look for any of the listed content. None of that was there.
Unfortunately I still receive the error message, but this time it’s not at the very beggining. It’s showed up right after Cubase starts - see error1.
And then after I open any project - see error2.

Any idea?

I’ve a theory as to what might cause this. It has to do with CuBase Media Browser scanning various folders for potential content. The short version is, if you’ve still got installers and such lingering on your system in a location that MediaBay keeps scanned for possible content (Cubase itself can ‘mount’ VSTsound files, so samples and such can be drug right onto tracks if they are not contained in ‘locked’ layers), then the HALion engine goes fishing for USB licenses in an attempt to make the VSTsound container’s contents available for use in Cubase.

Have a look at this thread about the theory, my personal related experience, and how I solved it here on my system:


If you made any user presets of your own that happen to be based on the expanded Sonic content while experimenting with the Trial, you can find it in your “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies<HALion Plugin Who’s Presets you want to delete>”.

I just updated to the new Free SE3 version and it’s good. All my previous presets work and the library is a real improvement as is the smaller but clearer footprint of the instrument.

I’m having a problem with it in standalone mode – the instrument is not not connecting to the MIDI input from my controller. Not sure what’s what with that. I’ll have to fiddle around with it.

Rebooted and the standalone is working. I like this new “recorder” and will have to work with that.

Thanks for this. :slight_smile:

RTFM - http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/VSTi_HALion_Sonic_SE_3/Halion_Sonic_SE_3_Operation_Manual_english.pdf

TY :slight_smile: