Halion Sonic SE sound library missing?

Just booted up 10.5 and I’m getting the error that all my Halion SE sound library files can;t be located?
I checked the folder In appdata and it’s empty??
Worked perfectly last week!

Anyone know what I can do?

Re instal?
Cheers for any help!

Win 10

The installers do have an ADDITIONAL CONTENT folder when you start them up or maybe open the folder up to see the contents. VST Sound Folder has the actual installer file there

Yes Re Install will install the sound library

Another thing to look at
Open the Library Manager and see what the path is and if it is showing there. Make sure to have the latest Library Manager App

The message reads “Halion Sonic se Artist factory presets not found”?

Are you running Artist or Pro? which did you install?

Pro 10.5

Do you have the latest e licenser app? Make sure you do. I would runt he maintenance there, try it again then you may need to re install there. Hopefully some PC guys will chime in here

Ran the maintenance but still the same.

Re Installed, all back to normal.