Halion Sonic SE sounds in Groove Agent SE

How use SONIC SE sounds on GROOVE AGENT SE, for example brush kit without copy/paste operations which don’t allow interactive operations

The sounds from Halion Sonic SE cannot be loaded by Groove Agent SE. You could sample each note from the brush kit at different note velocities using Cubase and then drag and drop the samples into Groove Agent pads.

This process can be made simpler by the full paid version of Groove Agent 5, which is capable of recording samples directly.

Sometimes it is possible to use samples from a HALion vstsound file in Groove Agent (if the layer is unlocked), but the presets are not compatible. I’m pretty sure the samples in the drum kits that come with Steinberg Hosts for HSSE are locked.

The good news is that a decent brush kit does exist for GA. Somehow it got buried over the years deep in Media Bay (but doesn’t show up in GA’s own internal browser). See this thread…

The screen shots show full GA5, but the brush kits should work in SE as well.