Halion Sonic SE 'sounds' reset upon pressing play?

Very new to Cubase, bought it last weekend. Forgive any noobie terminology etc etc

I imported a MIDI file I exported from Guitar Pro. I changed the ‘sounds’ using the multi track in Halion Sonic SE. However, whenever I press ‘stop’ or ‘play’, the sounds I chose reset to the default ones they had upon import. Is this due to some sort of trial version on Halion Sonic? Is that what the ‘SE’ stands for? Currently I have to race to change the sounds on each track before the ‘song’ finishes. THank you.

Edit: Uploaded a screencap just so I am being as clear as possible.

Right click the MIDI event, select MIDI and open list editor.
There’s probably some program changes in there…
Delete them.

This is embarrassing, but I’m not sure what you mean… especially ‘MIDI event’. Are you speaking of opening the key editor by selecting a MIDI track and opening MIDI -> Open Key Editor? Or do you mean viewing the Halion Sonic SE in the Generic Editor? Or neither? I understand your thinking but don’t quite understand the instructions. I added a screencap as well to the OP.

Can’t for the life of me figure out why the sound programs in HSSE keep resetting… happens upon play, upon attempting an audio mixdown, even by using a cycle the programs all reset upon hitting the end of the cycle. I tried a clean MIDI ‘recording’ using my keyboard as a controller… doesn’t change anything, they still reset. : (

NOT the key editor but the LIST editor. You can find it in the MIDI menu.
Remove all bank Select and Program Change commands and probably other controller events…
Check the attachment to see what the list editor looks like.
List editor.jpg

Sorry, I only made a dumb assumption because I don’t have an option to open a list editor in my MIDI menu. Is it located elsewhere? Being new I am just assuming again… does ‘Elements’ even have access to the list editor?


A quick check of the feature comparison charts on the product page shows that Elements does not have the list editor.