Halion Sonic SE stops loading instruments

After I load a few channels with instruments and try to add another, it sometimes stops loading in the middle of the process. The orange bar moves only part way across and stops. If I quit and restart Cubase, it might then load it.

I’m wondering if there is some setting I can apply to make it more reliable?

My machine is a bit old: Win 7 32, 4 gigs RAM, AMD dual core 4000 2.1 GHerz, but I think it ought to be able to handle loading up 5 or 6 instruments and a drum instrument.

On the HSSE options page, you can try moving the “Balance” slider either to use the disk more or the ram more. Or, you could load each instrument into a separate instance of HSSE.

I’ll try that slider.

I only have the option on the F11 window to open a single instance of the old version of halion soniq. I’ve never figured out how to open the new one that came with 7.