Halion Sonic SE update?

I received an mail that Halion Sonic SE 3 should be available. I feel a bit unsure about that.

Halion Sonic SE2 is part of the instrument set you get when installing Cubase Pro. I guess that Halion Sonic SE 3 will replace SE 2. I do not use Halon Sonic SE that much (I own Omnisphere and some other plugins that are my “bread and butter”) apart from the sound library’s I bought (like Dark Planet and so on).

However - I am not sure if I can install SE 3 and keep my library’s intact. I also have used that sound library’s in several projects, and I want to make sure these project will also run well with SE 3.

Has anybody already installed Halion Sonic SE3? And if so, did he/she encountered any problem loading older projects that where using SE 2 and sound library’s like Dark planet?

Yes, I installed HS SE3, no problems it just sits where SE2 used to.

Thanks - I will give it a try then.

I do not use that library’s that much, but it can be a PITA to get everything back if you used a lot of tweaking on them.


That went without a hitch. All library’s are still present, and all changes seem to be preserved.

Thanks again :wink:.


Thank you both, I also hesitated installing it. Now I will.