Halion Sonic SE very slow to load samples

Can anyone suggest a workaround for this? I use Halion Sonic SE to playback MIDI files (full songs etc) within Cubase. But it takes a LONG time to load up a few midi tracks within Halion. I have 9GB of memory and a dual core Mac Pro, and don’t have this problem with other samplers such as Kontakt.

Any suggestions most gratefully received.

MacOS 10.6.8

Stop using the VSTi (Halion Sonic SE) to do what the sequencer (Cubase) was designed to do.

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The kind guys at Steinberg have given us guys our own forum.

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… but can anyone help with my query? :unamused:

Do you have the sounds on your main op sys drive or a second or third?

I noticed the sounds loaded a bit quicker (on my system) after I installed them too a secondary hdd.

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You mentioned 2 different Steinberg products.


I use Halion Sonic SE to playback MIDI files


But it takes a LONG time to load up a few midi tracks within Halion

1-Not sure that Halion SE works as a stand alone and can load MIDI files (but I may be wrong)

2-Halion is Steiny’s full pledged sampler plug but if that is what you mean, which version
are you using?

3-A third Steiny product, Halion Sonic plug does work as a stand-alone and you can load MIDI
files into it but you did not mention that product at all.

So let’s start again.

What software are you using to playback MIDI files? (without Cubase)


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do you use several instances of the HALion Sonic SE on multiple Instrument Tracks?

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i found it to work totally fine by just opening 1 x instance of HALion SE, and so using 1 x rack of sounds (ie. midi channels 1 - 16).



…this was my intention…that you are using several instances on multiple instrument tracks (makes no sense)…instead of better loading it into the VST bay (F11) and using multiple Midi-Tracks with one instance of HALion Sonic SE…

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not quite sure who is talking to who at the moment on this question, but:

I should have made it clearer: I am using Cubase 6.5, on a Mac, and importing a midi file (a song, for example, with 6 or 7 different instruments). Cubase cleverly automatically opens one instance of Halion Sonic SE. But (I am on a Mac), I get the spinning ball thing for a LONG time while the sounds are loading up, and meantime the system is more or less frozen up. Once saved and opened again, the project takes the same length of time to load up (I’m talking about a few minutes). I have a fairly fast system (2 x 2.66 GHz Dual Core Intel with 9 GB RAM) and am running Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

Thanks for everyone’s input.

Hi again,

i can’t really offer you any help as i am still a novice myself. But i do remember when i was learning how to use Midi Files in Cubase (about a year ago) some files would take way longer (to open in HALion SE) than others. i would get the same symptoms as you are experiencing. It did not bother me to much because i was only using it at home to learn on (ie. not on a live gig).

These were 3rd Party Midi Files from friends and alike and as i say, some opened instantaneously while others took a couple of mins.



Glad you got it sorted.


Glad that you are glad, Curteye … but in fact no one has offered any solution as yet… :unamused: :slight_smile: