Halion Sonic SE - Which sounds have note expression?

OK, simple enough, just been trying to play around with this at last (been super-busy the last couple of weeks), and read in the manual that Halion Sonic SE has some sounds which respond to Note Expression, and that:

Halion Sonic SE comes with several presets (with the file name Extension *.NoteExp) that can be used with Note Expression

I can’t see where these are - any help, folks?

As an aside, why the HELL do Steinberg stop you copying and pasting from the Cubase PDF manual? It’s not as if it’d be an actual barrier to anyone intent on ripping the content of them off, just stops us copying and pasting to make things clear. GRRR etc!

If you type “NoteExp” in the search area of HALion Sonic SE’s Preset Browser, they should all appear (depending on what you may have also filtered in the left section of the Browser, of course).
In fact (from what I have observed) all HSSE presets have at least Volume, Pan and Tuning available as Note Expression.

Thanks Vic. Foolishly I thought they were referring to File Names given the wildcard that was there… And it would be interesting to know what’s extra in them as you say (I’d found out since, having had a play) that they seem to do pitch, volume and pan regardless.

The available parameters appear immediately in the Note Expression panel of the Inspector (and do seem to differ, according to the chosen preset).