Halion Sonic SE won't load new instruments instruments

I’m running 7 on a dual core PC. After a new project grows just a bit, Halion Sonic SE won’t allow me to load new instruments. The load progress bar gets to half way and stops. Once this happens Cubase seems to get corrupted and I have to restart the machine.

This was not happening when I first installed 7, and may be related to having installed 7.5 and 8 trial versions and their libraries.


Could you provide your system specification, please? Win/Mac? 32-64-bit?

Of course.

Win 7 32
Athlon 64 dual core 4000+ 2.1 GHz
4 Gigs RAM 3 gigs usable (that’s what Windows 7 says)

I know it’s a pretty old machine, but I’m trying to avoid upgrading all my other hardware!


Isn’t it because of 32-bit system?

C7 can run on a 32 bit system.


Isn’t there any window (message) hidden behind of the other windows?

No window comes up behind or anywhere. It just stops loading. After a few tries Cubase locks up and I have to force quit.

This may be simply a RAM problem. I would have thought 3 gigs would handle a lot more, but maybe not.

If this is even if you have the 1st HALion Sonic SE instance (is it always?), then I wouldn’t say so. Even if my question of 32-bit had the same direction, in fact. And I would expect the same in C7 too.

Can you check a memory usage in any system tool?

As my 3333 post, I would expect something more helpful. Sorry.

I checked memory usage and I’m only at about 60% when it stops loading new instruments, so that’s probably not it.

I’ve done a completely new install of C7, and it had no positive effect. I’m stumped.

Is it always the same? Or is it dependend on the specific instrument (sound, or patch), you are loading?