Halion sonic se


I am using Cabse 6 ith the MOTU 828 mk2 soundcard.
I use halion sonic in cubase of course.
I have got 2 questions:

1 I can only hear sound when the mix output is et to main.
I woould like to use different outputs on my MOTU soundcard, how could I set the other outputs to other uotputs of my sound card?
2 What about update from sounds? When I click on the steinberg logo in Halion sonic se, I can choose: get new fresh content for Halion sonic se, but when I click on it, I get the steinberg webpage with only the possibility of Halion sonic and not Halion sonic se…

Thank you for your answers in advance…

Press F11. That will bring up the VSTi rack. To the right of the ‘e’ button, there is an output symbol. Click on that and you can activate all the outputs you need.

HALion Sonic SE will play HALion Sonic sound sets. You just won’t be able to edit the sounds to the same extent. For example, if you look at “Triebwerk” it says at the bottom of the description that it is for Halion 4, Halion Sonic, or Halion Sonic SE.
In your post you mention using different outputs of your sound card. To do that, you may need to activate those outputs in the soud cards control panel. Then, go to VST Connections in Cubase and set up a bus to go from Cubase to those outputs. Then route whatever you want in Cubase to those busses/outputs.
What imolto said about using different outputs for an INSTRUMENT is correct.

Yes, I forgot to mention to go to VST Connections (by pressing F4), add your outputs and then route the HALion Sonic SE channels to those ouputs.