HALion Sonic SE

Is it possible to sample something with HALion Sonic SE? I want to create a sound and assign it to 12 keys so I can play that uniquely created sound.

Any ideas?

The manual…?

You mean bring in your own recorded sounds/ samples or do you mean layering the included sounds to create something unique? If it’s the former then you can’t unfortunately - you’re limited to the sounds which come included. As far as I know you can’t use your own sounds or 3rd party sounds with the full version of Halion Sonic either, you need Halion for that.


HALion Sonic SE, same as HALion Sonic, isn’t sampler, this is ROMpler. It means, you can’t use your own samples, just factory samples are used (in old term – samples from the internal ROM).

If you want to use your own samples, you have to use HALion 4 sampler.


HALion 4 is the best tool for this but you can also drag and drop samples directly on to the pads in Groove Agent One and trigger the samples via MIDI.

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Ha…! That’s your definition of a sampler…!?! Because it can ‘use its own’ samples…? No, no… Lets just be very clear here.

Halion 4 is NOT a sampler; just like Kontakt is NOT a sampler. It is a sample (WAV) player. It is only through clever (blatant…!) marketing indoctrinations that it, like Kontakt, has been called ‘samplers’. Neither can actually sample a thing…!!

Do you remember any of the true and proper hardware samplers that were around years back.? Do you remember, it was the ability to actually sample stuff (have an ‘input’ record mode) that defined their very existence in being called ‘samplers’… (Akai S900/950; Roland S750; Kurzweil, Emu, etc, etc…). Hal4 etc should NEVER be called or referred to as ‘samplers’. Only marketing people do this; it makes them feel like their product can then really compete…!

I thank you… please carry on… :wink:


No, it’s not my definition.

But I have to say, you are right. In the strict sense, these SW are not samplers.


Ah that is true, but what I want to do is drag in a trumpet note (for example) and copy that single note to all the keys so that I can play a chord with it. You can’t do this with Groove Agent One :frowning:

That is true. Shows the power of marketing!