Halion Sonic SE

Pardon my ignorance, but I just got the V6 upgrade & there’s this extra DVD included.
There’s no mention of it in the documentation & as I don’t have NEK… is this DVD separate to NEK or (stupid question I know… but … here goes…)
What is it please ??

I have been using Nuendo since V3 for TV post as a multi track recorder/ editor & have never bothered with the MIDI side of things except for MTC.

Can someone please enlighten me ??

Thank you

Hi Jim,

What’s the question?

I think you get it all i.e. nek an all BuTTTTT you need authorization to enable the nek. :astonished:

If you’re asking about the Halion Sonic SE disc then yes, you get to install and use it, no NEK required. And, FWIW, it’s a really cool instrument with lots of material I’ve found quite useful in the post/sound design world. John.

COOL… now all I have to do is find some time to play with it… haa haa

Thanks very much John & the old man.