Halion Sonic SE


Oh dear - bit of a frustrating time…

I am on a Mac and updated to Cubase 8 today.

Following this page’s advice -

https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/how-to-deal-with-license-error-messages (in an attempt to remove an old trial version of Halion 4)…

I managed to delete the content and license it would seem associated with Halion Sonic SE.

I think what I need to do is to try to get these files back and the appropriate license.

Does anybody have any idea how I would do this?



You don’t need extra licence for HALion Sonic SE. Licence for this plug-in is part if your Cubase licence.

To get the Content of HALion Sonic SE 2, just install it from the original ISO image, you used to install your Cubase.

Thanks Martin!

I had boxed CD’s going way back to Cubase 5 that I had a look at but could not see anything… would this ISO image be on a similiar CD or somewhere different?

Thanks for your help - I’m a bit lost on this one!


Thanks Martin - I did a search for the ISO and found it - downloaded and installed!

Still getting warnings - I think as a throwback to Halion 4 trial having been on there but will live with that as long as I’ve got the sounds back!

Thanks again

Hi Graham,

I could imagine this as a result of one of these:

  1. You didn’t delete the correct (all) files.
  2. You didn’t installed HALion Sonic SE library, but the whole HALion Sonic library.