Halion Sonic SE2 drop down instrument menus are empty

I hope these are the right words to communicate this…When I open the Halion Sonic SE, then click the down arrow on a channel, (for example, when I add a new Halion Sonic SE to the VST Instruments list on the right side panel in Play Mode, it loads “first Contact” in channel 1.) When I click the down arrow for channel 1 and then type in an instrument name (like trumpet) it does nothing. There is no list of instruments. It did have it before. This is the first time I’ve tried to use that since I updated to If you ask me to reinstall Dorico, would you please tell me how. I did see the thread about going to Users/your name/Library/Preferences and delete a VSTAudioEngine folder, but on my PC there is no Library under Users. Thanks for your help.

See the FAQ: Steinberg Forums

Thank you!

Hi. I have the exact problem you described. No instruments or action in HALion sonic SE. You thanked PaulWalmsley for his tip to look at the FAQ, but when I click that link it just brings me to the starting page of the forum. What is the actual solution ?? PlLease advise.

Have a look at Frequently Asked Questions: new users start here - #2 by dspreadbury
and then scroll down to the paragraph where it says HALion Sonic SE won’t show me any patches/sounds

Hi, thanks for replying but I don’t understand. I installed HALion Sonic SE just a few days ago, so I should have the updated version. I don’t fancy to just launch some clean-up script. And a lot of this info is about Dorico which I do not have.
The problem comes down to: I have Cubase 8 and am unable to get any sound from whatever source. HAlion Sonic SE is properly installed. The Plug-in Manager shows that it is active. But it’s just empty… What am I doing wrong?

This is the Dorico category of the forum. If your question relates to Cubase, you may get better-targeted help in the Cubase category.

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OK thanks, I will try it over there.