Halion Sonic Se2 messed up

When I create an instrument in Dorico (let’s say saxophone), but then delete it totally(layout as well) and add a human voice the saxophone remains in channel 1 and is not replaced.
That means I have two patches loaded in Halion.
When I want to change the patch within Halion (by clicking the arrow) it opens this kind of browser, there is written “timpani”.
Okay, so I wanted do replace the saxophone by vocals, now I have both but they are tagged as timpani.
Maybe this is a revolutionary new intelligent auto arrange function ? :wink:
I couldn’t find anything about the playback system in the online manual.

But maybe this may be added soon.

Could you try following? Go to Play Mode and from the menu choose Play > Apply Default Playback Template. Does that rectify things for you?

Yes, this helped, Halion reloaded the session and deleted the unused instruments.