Halion Sonic SE2 skipping notes on Cubase Pro 8.5

Hi. I recently upgraded from Artist 8.0.35 to Pro 8.5. When I opened a project in Pro 8.5 which I created in Artist 8, the program Corn flake in Halion Sonic is skipping some midi notes. I am wondering why that is so. Does the upgrade change the settings of Halion Sonic SE2? Can anyone help me please? I have tried tinkering the settings on Halion Sonic but I can’t seem to duplicate the response which I was getting when I was still using Artist. Thank you very much.


Try to increase the voices?

(Helped me when i ran into this with another synth)

Hi. The polyphony is at infinity already. Are you referring to another thing? Thanks.

How is it if you put the restart mode to “new note”?

That changed the sound more than I needed it to. Thanks for your help though. I appreciate it a lot. I guess I have no choice but to alter the midi notes to get the sound that I need. Just find it odd that things like this happen. I also encounter spector sound changes when opening a project even if I didn’t change anything. What I needed to do to get the default sound was to change the program in spector and then return to the one that I was using. Just odd.