Halion Sonic se3 intermittent playback issues

Has anyone else having the problem of some midi sections playing back a couple of octaves lower at random. If I scroll back to the beginning of the midi part and play it again it plays ok. I find that I have to render all midi before I mix down or I may get strange results. Have tried changing the options in Halion without success. The one that gives the most trouble is the gm053 choir Aahs preset.

Hi and welcome,

What exactly is the issue, please?

Do you transpose some MIDI Notes some octaves down (from witch octave to witch octave) and then you get a Random MIDI Notes?

Hi Martin, thanks for your response. There is no transposition, just some pitch bend at the end of some parts. The strange thing is if I stop playback and then start again it goes back to normal. Like sometimes the pitch bend fails to reset to zero. If I let the part play right through at the lower octaves, when the next part plays, which is identical, it plays normally. Its not just the one part that plays up but can be any part in the track. Its got me stumped. I have all new equipment and latest cubase.

But it cant be the pitch bend because it can happen after a part that has no pitch bend in it.


My guess is, some hardware device is sending a data you are not aware of. Please, double-check your connected hardware.

Mmm. Maybe but I don’t think so. I have tried loading a different instance of Halion for the different instruments I am using and so far this seems to be working. Seems a strange way to have to go about it though. Thanks for your input.