Halion Sonic SE3 missing files after reactivation of soft elicensor

I’ve recently upgraded computers and moved Cubase elements to the new one. After the download I was able to use Cubase Elements and the stock programs like Groove Agent, but when I tried using Halion Sonic se 3 (comes stock) there were no files to be found. Do I have to de-activate anything from my old computer to get theses files back ?

Did you grab the content and install it too?

PS, If you are simply migrating things by ‘moving’ it from one PC to another…
Copy over the following directories:

Default location for VSTsound archives holding content for GA and HALion usually end up here:

A lot of user preferences and such end up here:
%APPDATA%\Steinberg (this goes in “users\YourAccountName\AppData\Roaming”

Of course, copy this stuff from your default %DOCUMENTS% folder if they exist.
VST3 Presets

Its funny because it was already installed, but I decided to uninstall the content and reinstall and BAM IT WORKED haha who knew ! Thank you for your guidance :slight_smile:

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