Halion Sonic SE3 Trip Problems

I am relatively new to Cubase and Halion, so maybe some can tell me why I experience this issue.

I noticed this problem for a project of mine that is in 3/4 time. If I use a SE3 program that has a dominant arpeggiator element to it, like ‘Distance Runner’ which uses the Trip instrument, and drag some chord pads into a midi track to create a chord progression then play it back, the arp produces a very distinct unsynchronized pattern of notes. It sounds very ‘off’ timing-wise, and completely different than if I play the chords progression in real time.

If I playback the same chord progression in a project that is in 4/4 time, the arp sounds perfectly sync’d. Playing around with it a bit I found that setting the Restart Mode in the arp settings to any value other than ‘Sync to Host’ fixes the problem.

Is this a bug or are the arp sequences specifically programmed for 4/4 time and not guaranteed to produce a consistent result in other time signatures? I just don’t full grasp why changing the Restart Mode fixes it for 3/4 time and why it works fine in 4/4 time regardless of the Restart Mode setting.