Halion Sonic SE3 way out of tune ?

Having just installed the Cubase Elements 10.5, 30 Day trial, I have created a basic set of tracks in order to see how different it is from the old VST4 set up that I have been using for the last century or so.

I have hit one puzzling snag. Halion Sonic SE3 seems to be totally out of tune with my bass and acoustic guitars.

I know that the guitars are tuned correctly, but when I manually add some simple base guitar notes using the Halion Sonic SE3 ‘Modern Jazz Upright’ setting, (Master set at 440Hz) the note which should be a ‘D’ is actually a shade below D flat.

It can be worked around by using a lot of pitchbend, or by using the master tuning setting to adjust D flat a little in order to match the recorded guitar’s ‘D’, but then all the key ‘pitch’ notations shown are a semitone out.

I must be doing something wrong or, hopefully, I have missed something quite simple in my initial set-up.

I have not encountered this issue in the old version of Cubase that I have been used to.

I have Googled the issue, but all similar instances seem to be a couple of years old, and have been resolved by various updates and fixes, non of which would appear to be relevant (or even understandable) to this scenario.

I am not even sure which forum to stick this query in, Cubase, VST, Halion, as I am not sure where the fault, if indeed there is one, lies.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.


I have discovered how to ‘Tune’ the beast.


Please explain - I settled on the E. Bass Precision Roundwound and C2 is horribly flat. I’m putting together a country song and that bass sound fits like a glove, so I don’t want to spend the time looking for another sound.

its a sampling rate problem i think. I now have the same issue but cant figure out how to fix it.
Any ideas?


Hi How dod you solve the problem?

Firstly I am no expert on this sort of stuff, and what I tell you may not be the correct way in which to achieve any out of tune rectification. It does work though.

Select the part in which you wish to make a correction to the tuning.

In the inspector you will have Halion Sonic SE3 selected, … yes ?

You will see a symbol just beneath Halion Sonic 3 - a small arrow(pointing right) and what appears to be a keyboard symbol - OK ?

Click on this symbol and a window will open.

This window will allow selections, options, & changes to be made in Halion Sonic 3.

You will already have loaded the relevant preset, … yes ?

OK so far ?

You will see several options in this window, one of which is ‘EDIT’.

Click on the EDIT tab.

You will see three controls which allow tuning adjustment.

Octave - Coarse - Fine.

The names are self explanatory.

Just twiddle (a technical term) with them until you achieve the tuning desired.

I hope that helps, but if it doesn’t then I think your problem may require some more ‘technical’ input.

By the way, I am the same ‘Monty’ as made the initial post.

I have had to rejoin and was not allowed to re-utilise my old handle, hence I am now Monty205.