Halion Sonic SE3 with Cubase - instruments don´t stop sounding from Cubase Edit mode

I have run in to an issue with Cubase Pro 11 that I didn´t have while still using Cubase Pro 10.
One of the VST Instruments plugins that I use a lot is HalionSncSE, but that is also the only plugin where this problem occur.
The problem I have is when editing midi-notes in the Edit view of Cubase.
When I click on the note to edit, the instrument starts sounding, but it keeps on sounding even after I release the mouse button. This becomes of course very anoying when editing flutes or strings and the only way to make it stop sounding is to send a Midi Reset.
If I play the notes on the keyboard on the left of the Edit View, everything works perfectly - when pressing the note the sound starts and when releasing the note the sound stops.
I have tried to find some settings in Cubase and in the VST-instrument itself but I haven´t found any solution to this.
The same problem also occur when using the chord pads if the midi channel is connected to HalionSonicSE.

Anyone who can help.


Mattias Abrahamsson