HALion Sonic sounds stuck on in the edit window

We are a school music department using Cubase Elements 11 on Windows 10 computers. We have just upgraded from elements 9.5 and since then, when we are drawing notes in to the edit window using instruments from HALion Sonic, the notes are getting stuck on and won’t turn off unless we delete the entire instrument track! Even trying to delete the note itself doesn’t stop it. We are using an ASIO4ALL driver but it is also happening on PCs using Generic Low Latency Driver ASIO as well. This hasn’t happened to us before but we can’t figure out why it would do this. Our Cubase skills are relatively limited to functionality within the programme so any detailed help would be greatly appreciated! I’m hoping we have missed something simple…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you try to change the Buffer Size, please?

Hi, thanks for the reply!
How do I do that and what should I change it to? Sorry, we aren’t massively au fait with set up and settings on the Programme!