HAlion Sonic trial expressionmaps?

I installed the trial version and want to look to the Jazz Guitar XXL example with all those expressions ( articulations) for his guitar
I noticed a difference between the video version of HAlion Sonic and the trial version
Can i see the intstruments in the trial who have a expressionmap… or how to see them?

Open the LOAD page (1st button on top)
In the search text box in the middle of the window, type xxl.
Every instrument that ends with “XXL” uses expressions.
Some are programs and some are layers, so click on those little filter icons to find them all.
To see what’s happening, go to the EDIT page.
You need to view the LAYER (it says L1) to see the different expressions used.
I hope this answers your question.

Thanks it did!
Layer 1 is for expressions to see i think
I only found a clarinet xxl in the trial version