Halion sonic turkish perc instrument levels

I’m playing the patch Turkish percussion from the world percussion group and I want to adjust the volume of one of the sounds in the patch, there doesn’t seem to be a way to affect the individual sounds. does anyone know if there is a way?

as I think about it more, there probably isn’t because I would have to be able to get into the patch at the sample level, maybe that’s available in the full version of halion

Yes, but you can also adjust the volume in Halion Sonic.

-Drag and drop the pattern MIDI into your DAW by using the button to the top right, near the small Steinberg logo.
-Click the red power button to the top left to disable the internal pattern player.

Now you can easily adjust the level of individual elements of the pattern by changing their MIDI velocity.
Each pitch will have a different single instrument. If you’re using Cubase, double click a note while holding Shift to select all notes after it that have the same pitch. This way you can change the velocity of all notes at the same time.

Thanks Romantique Tp, that’s a good tip, but I’ve already discovered that, and for some reason its not producing the results correctly. For some reason when I drag it over to cubase and play it, it doesn’t sound the same. I’m testing it further and I seem to be getting inconsistent results. It seems there are some variations that play correctly and some don’t, of course the ones that don’t are the ones I’m trying to use It took a minute before I discovered that arp on/off button like you described, but its still not producing the correct sounding copy of the original flex pattern, I also tried adjusting note lengths in the cubase editor, but still not the proper result .
I really appreciate your input though. Thank you

Romantique Tp, I also want to thank you for that tip about holding shift when clicking a note to select all the other ones, that’s a time saver. I appreciate that one…

Hi andy1324,

I have Halion 5 and it is possible to adjust the volume of the individual kit pieces but the process is very time consuming.

Regarding Romantique Tp’s suggestion to use Midi Velocity to change the volume of the individual kit pieces there is a very important issue regarding this so is not the best advice as velocity and Volume are two different things and will explain why:

A synth could e.g. open the filter depending on velocity. Pianos often use multiple “velocity layers” to switch between samples from “softly played” to “hit insanely hard” piano keys. Same goes for the big drum libraries which employ velocity layers for most instruments. A soft snare hit sounds different than a loud one or a medium one. If you use such an instrument, using velocity is absolutely not the same as using volume. It makes the instrument not only softer in volume, it’s being played softer, in other words it sounds different.

So basically when you turn down something using midi velocity there is a great chance the tone of the sound will change which most of the time is not what you want to achieve and the really bad news is that (having consulted a friend that works for Steinberg) there is still no way to adjust the Volume only of a single midi event like turning down a single snare hit apart from bouncing to audio and then isolating that single audio part and then adjusting the volume but to be honest doing that process would be crazy and very time consuming!

Anyways, hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah

thanks for your input jamescolah, good points
some of my other synths that have layered patterns similar to the way my Halion sonic is, allow me to turn those layers on or off, allowing me to isolate a particular sound of the premade pattern, It appears that is not an option with my Halion Sonic

I Felt it was important to add this update, I’ve been going through the patterns and it turns out some of them are loading exactly correctly, so even though I’m not sure about the discrepancy of the ones that don’t, the ones that do are very encouraging to me, and I’m back to my original experiments…