HALion Sonic update quest

Does my HALion 3.5 qualify for an updateversion of Halion Sonic?
It says this at Steinberg:
Upgrade from Hypersonic 2, Hypersonic 1 or HALion Player
(not from HALion Player OEM or HALion ONE)

I don´t get it!

I’d say it’s clear that Halion 3.5 doesn’t qualify for upgrading to Halion Sonic.

But, surely you will be able to upgrade to Halion 4 once it’s released… some day. I’m also waiting for it.

Then what is HALion Player?
There is many versions of HALion! HALion One, HALion 3.5, HALion Player and HALion Player OEM.


Halion Player was to Halion what Halion Sonic SE is to Halion Sonic (did I say it OK? :stuck_out_tongue:). With Halion Player you could play instruments but you couldn’t edit them or make your own. In contrast Halion gave you all the capabilities.

Thanks, now I get it!
Have to wait for the HALion 4 then.
But then whynot?!