Halion Sonic vs Halion Sonic SE

I just ordered my Cubase 6 upgrade and see it comes with Halion Sonic SE.

Should I let C6 install this and then I install my full Halion Sonic, or should I not even bother to install the SE version? Does the SE version recognize I have the full license and “become” full halion sonic?
It doesn’t seem clear what the relationship is…



Here is a little overview…

HALion Sonic SE (HSSE), HALion Sonic (HS) and the upcoming HALion 4 (H4) are all independent VSTi-Plugins! HSSE will be installed (and updated) together with Cubase 6. HS and H4 are provided on separate DVDs.

HSSE can use HSSE content.
HS can use HSSE and HS content.
H4 can use HSSE, HS and H4 content.

If you are looking for more sounds, you can additionally purchase our “VST Sound Instrument Sets” like HALion Symphonic Orchestra or Hypnotic Dance. The “Instrument Sets” are compatible with each version (HSSE, HS and H4)

Please note: The HSSE content offers some sounds which are not included in the HS content. If you would like to use the HSSE content with HS, you should install both versions!

HS has all HSSE functions.
H4 has all HSSE and HS functions.


Thanks for good data, Oliver.

I got a couple of follow-up question. :wink:

Since HSSE is a player, and does not have any edit capabilities per se (I mean in depth edit), which tools can I use to create HSSE content that it can use? If I wanted to create an instrument set to sell, for example.

How is the content “marked” as being specifically HSSE and that it is not HS content?

The same question goes for HS, of course.

Thanks again for being around answering questions even before products are available. That’s very high class! :slight_smile:


If you want to create commercial “VST Instrument Sets”, please use the support request form in your My Steinberg account and send us an email.

The labeling for the content files is as follows:

The content files (or the corresponding shortcuts) are located here:
C:\Users\Oliver\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound
or, if you installed the content for all users, here:
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound


So is there not a way to directly share a program that I created in HS with someone that only has HSSE, or one I created in H4 with someone that owns HS? (Or am I just not getting it?)

Thanks you for the information, Oliver.

I’m wondering this too and have asked a similar question over in the H4 section of the forum:
Can HSSE play patches created in H4?