Halion Sonic VST Sound library missing

Hi ,

I moved some libraries from my laptop internal hard disk to an external SSD, and I think some files went missing in the process. I use Cubase Pro 10.5.

I keep having around 20 pop up that i have to click ‘ignore’ when I open Cubase.
And now I have some sounds missing when playing some instruments in Halion.
For some of them, I managed to point cubase to the new file, and it was OK.
For some of them, either i cannot find the file anymore or i cannot click on it.

Is there a way to reinstall only Halion Sonic?
Or do I have to reinstall all of cubase?
If yes, how do i uninstall, i looked online and couldn’t find any proper tutorial or process to do so.


I’m sure you’ve tried this but sometimes when I spam “search files” or whatever that button is on the error screen, it just finds them for me. It takes like 10-20 times sometimes but worth a shot. If they’re routed correctly then I’d just restart everything