Halion Sonic will not record

I am new to Cubase. When I load Halion Sonic it plays sounds okay but it will not record. The record button is red and it looks like it is recording but there is nothing recorded? The same thing with Groove Agent. Is this possibly because I am using the 64bit version of Cubase 7.5?

What is your MIDI input device? Are you trying to record by mouse clicking on the VSTi GUI?

I am not using a MIDI input device I am clicking on the Halion Sonic keyboard.

That’s why it won’t record! :wink:
Use an external HW keyboard, or if you don’t have one, enable the keyboard on the Transport window and use your computer keyboard.

Thanks but I cannot see naything in the Transport window to enable keyboard.

Left click on an empty part of the transport window and enable it.
See Pg. 108 of the Operation Manual for details.