Halion Sonic Won't Re-install from Trial DVD

Bought the Valentine’s Day sale on Halion Sonic… Had previously removed Halion Sonic trial from my machine after trying it with my Cubase 6.5 purchase.

Now I can’t reinstall Halion Sonic from the trial DVDs I used when I bought Cubase 6.5, and I’ve already paid for the Halion Sonic Valentine’s deal. Halion Sonic won’t reinstall on my machine.

When using the Start Center on the DVDs, it goes through the whole install process, then tells me it needs DVD #2 to complete the install, yet it won’t release DVD #1 so I can insert DVD #2. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. So, I have to cancel the install, and I’m stuck.

Any help and tips would be SO appreciated !


Hi Johnny,

Maybe you have solved the problem already, but i had the same thing.

I assume you are on mac osx?

Try to install directly from the folder Halion sonic for max osx (Halion sonic. mpkg)
without opening the start center.

The start center prevents the dvd from ejecting…

Thanks gidi16 - appreciate the reply…

I did try this, but for some reason, the entire content doesn’t install ; once Halion Sonic actually runs after the install as you suggest, it asks for files that don’t install for some reason, and sounds from the library won’t load.

Very strange that it installed while omitting certain key library files ; I thought perhaps it wouldn’t install at all unless all files needed to run it installed. Very strange installer behavior - haven’t experienced this with any other V.I. i’ve used.

I’ll try another install and see if it works.

Thanks again,