Halion Sonic won't save my Multi programs

This topic was raised a number of years ago so I know others have had this problem but it is now affecting me and I have tried a number of the suggestions but non worked for me. I have Cubase Essential 5 and Halion Sonic updated to 32bit, running on Parallels within a Mac Sierra. This was a very recent install following a major PC crash. Both Cubase and Halion are working beautifully and I am very pleased with the system, with one exception - I cannot save my multi programs in Halion. When ever I click on the save icon and then try to save, the page just flashes briefly but nothing is saved and it won’t go away until I click close.

I found an earlier post which said I should trash the Halion preferences in the users/my name/appdata/roaming/Steinberg/Halion and allow Cubase to rebuild the folder. I did this but it made no difference. I still couldn’t save my multi programs.
I should add that I have found many iterations of Halion programs in the appdata folder - Halion, Halion one, Halion Player 32 and 64 bits, Halion Sonic 32 and 64 bits and their stand alone versions. Most of that was trying to work out which version would work with Essential 5 and that took some time. I am wondering if this has confused the program as to where to save. It certainly confused me. As I said above, the version which works in Essential is the 32 bit version. I don’t use Halion live any more, those days are passed and in any event Cubase saves the multi program with the song, but it would be useful to be able to load favourite line-ups without having to start again. Any one able to throw light on this anomaly? All contributions gratefully received.