HALion Sonic worth getting?

Hi there,i produce tech-house music,and always like to buy new synths.
Can anyone advise me is HALion Sonic any good for dance music?

You are better off going with Halion 4, Halion 4 has the same sounds plus more, I have both, but I find Halionsonic to drain the cpu-asio meter, where I find Halion 4 to run less draining and to my ears a better and fatter sound.
best of Luck, Greg


thanks. halion 4 dosent have the synth tho does it?

Halion 4 certainly has a synth engine. I don’t know if it’s the same as in Halion sonic though.

AFIK the synth engine in Halion 4 is identical to the one in Halion Sonic and synth presets (like in the Hypnotic Dance library) are compatible with both.

Halion 4 is 100% Halion Sonic with 100% additional stuff as well. Getting Halion 4 is all you need, it is an incredible piece of software.