Halion SonicSE 3.5 licensing error and using 3.4 instead in Dorico 4 and Cubase

Earlier this year when I updated to Dorico 4 I got a licensing error message and was advised by the Steinberg helpdesk to remove Halion SonicSE 3.5 and use version 3.4 instead which I did. I was informed it was an ongoing issue that they were working to resolve. As this was at the beginning of the year I was wondering if anyone has heard anything as to whether this problem with version Halion SonicSE 3.5 has been resolved yet by Steinberg ? Because of this I am still having to use the dongle.

What kind of license error did you get with HSSE 3.5 at that time?

Dorico 4 was initially shipped with HSSE 3.5.0. In the meantime Dorico 4.1 ships with HSSE 3.5.10.
It might be worth trying to do the upgrade and see how that now works on your machine.

I’ll give it a go and see what happens.