Halion Sound Banks

Are there any 3rd party HSB available, or has Steinberg produced any additional HSB for Halion One?

also, can you rsvp to darrenmotamedy@comcast.net

Don’t wana sound like a teacher but is this a forum issue?
Should be posted under Vstplugins,

And i don’t think there are more soundbanks for halionone.
Halionon is a vst that came with cubase5 and content of it is no in cubase 6 to find in Halion sonic se.

Greetz Bassbase

thanks for the answer, this is my first post to steinberg, I’ve had cubase for ever and this is the first time that I’ve gotten on the forum.

so, I’ll go to the VST plug in’s, and I think you are correct about the HSB and Halion One only have that one sound set available.

thanks for suggestion where to search,