HALION SOunds lost?

hello… I’ve been using Dorico for a couple of years now. All of a sudden my PC stopped loading the HALION sounds at start, when creating the instrumentation… TIA…

Can you please run Steinberg Library Manager and check that all the sounds are still showing up correctly in there?

In one of the projects that is now refusing to load sounds, please also go to Play > Playback Template and try re-applying the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template: do the sounds load correctly now?

I already tried to load the playback templates, doesn’t work…

library manager shows the files correctly

Just wondering… Is your file an XML import? If so, use the Change instrument function in the instrument menu and input (again) the wanted instrument. You’ll notice then that the Playback template will apply and the instruments will be loaded properly. With XML imports, sometimes, although it seems Dorico has recognized the instruments, it has not completely.
In any case, try this.

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no, every new file I try to do the HALION doesn’t load… VST Garritan loads when loading manually… HALION loads manually also

It might be worth downloading and running the Dorico content installer once more, to see whether or not it’s able to repair whatever connection has apparently gone missing.

You can download it for Windows here. Unzipping and running this installer unfortunately requires care, due to some limitations in the lengths of paths on Windows: please see this earlier thread for help.

I checked with the user and the HSO preset file was missing. Now all is running well again


Thanks as always, Ulf!

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yes, he was quite helpful at the end