HALion standalone player fails to save

When I quit the HALion SE standalone player (3.5.10), it asks if I want to Save. If I click on Save, I get the Spinning beachball of death for a minute, before an error saying it couldn’t open the file dialog.

This is on macOS Monterey. I’ve given the app Full Disk Access, fwiw.

Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9

I’m getting absoluely nowhere with Support on this.

Can anyone confirm that, on a Mac, they can:

  1. change the programs in HALion Sonic SE standalone app.
  2. Try to quit the program, and get a dialog asking to save the changes.
  3. Successfully save those changes.
  4. Load those changes back in after relaunch.

On one Mac, the save operation freezes (as above); and on another Mac, it saves, but I can’t see how you load those changes back in after relaunch.

That would be extremely useful. Thanks.