Hi all wizards. I use Cubase 7.0.4 x64 version.

I installed Halion Symphonic Orchestra with all the upgrades and updates by my own instructions that I made year ago and then it worked fine. Now, however, when I launch Cubase it says when trying to initialize HSO “Optimization library not found! Please reinstall the plugin!”.

Of course I tried reinstalling. I also was able to launch HSO from within Cubase and then selected: OPTIONS > LOCATE CONTENT and I browsed to the folder where all the HSB files are. All the instrument were succesfully imported and HSO even works.

BUT - I don’t like getting any annoying errors when launching Cubase. I’m sure everyone of you feel the same way. There must be something wrong still in my HSO installation but it beats me what it is.

I also have refreshed PLUGIN INFORMATION and double checked the VST plugins’ folder paths.

Any ideas?

Windows 7 x64 - all updates and drivers installed + Java, Adobe’s etc.etc
16GB of 1800MHz RAM