Halion Symphonic for Cubase LE7? Possible to add?

Just bought the Cubase Elements 7. Can I add the HALion Symphonic Orchestra to my new software?

I want to buy during the Black Friday weekend but…

Thank you.

yes it’s a VST2 / VST3 plugin and can be used in HALion Sonic SE 1.6.1

Fantastic! Thank you HS87!

Please note- The HSO being sold not is not a VST plugin, it’s just an instrument set. Its presets will appear in Halion Sonic SE VST Instrument.

Steve are you sure ?
From Steinberg web Site :
HALion Symphonic Orchestra can be used as an independent instrument in VST 3, VST 2 and AU compatible hosts and as an expansion pack for the HALion library with HALion (version 4.5.3 or higher), HALion Sonic (version 1.6.2 or higher) or HALion Sonic SE* (version 1.6.1 or higher). The instrument installer includes the latest updater for HALion Sonic SE.

Home Studio 87- you are correct- I did not know that they had released it as a VST Instrument. That’s a pretty good deal for $50. Thanks for enlightening me!

Thank you, HS87 and STEVE In Chicago!

I appreciate both your inputs greatly. :slight_smile: