Halion Symphonic in new Cubase 6 install

I am currently using Halion Symphonic full version in Cubase 5, 32 bit computer. I am upgrading to Cubase 6 in a new, windows 7 64 bit computer and have read that Halion Sonic includes all of the Symphonic files. I have the full version of Halion Sonic as well. Should I load my installers for Halion Symphonic full version or just load and update Halion Sonic full version? Will these include all of the Symphonic files?

HALion Sonic SE will not include the Symphonic content. Your C6 should come with a trial disc with the HSO VST Sound Set (which works in Halion Sonic SE), which you can install and use for free with your full HSO license. I believe it is only 16 bit samples however, so if you want the 24 bit samples, I believe you will need to install your full version of HSO.

Thank you JL