Halion Symphonic orc?

The Symphonic Orchestra doesn’t load and instruments - I just get a ‘Loading Program Failed’ box if I try to load any instrument.
I have Dorico 3

Have you downloaded and installed the ‘Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer’? Does ‘HALion Symphonic Orchestra’ show up in Steinberg Library Manager?

Hi, I think its me, I saw the HSO in the drop down list of vst instruments and selected HSO and it only plays violonchelli A Combe and doesn’t load in anything else…is this just a ;demo; version? I then opened Hallion SE an can load up orchestral sounds from within that.

I’m afraid I don’t find your description of the steps you’ve tried very clear. Can you try creating a new project in Dorico from e.g. the ‘String quartet’ template, and try adding a few notes? Dorico should automatically load sounds into HSSE without you doing anything at all. Enter a few notes, and play back the project: do you hear sounds?

Hi, yes it does load up into HSSE, I also have Symphonic Orchestra in the VST Instrument list - Is this just a demo as it only plays one sound.

Don’t use the Symphonic Orchestra VST. Dorico will load the sounds into HSSE3.

OK, no problem, Thanks for a terrific upgrade by the way - :smiley: