Halion Symphonic Orch - 5gb vs 26gb version - Which avail?


i see the download version is 5gb.

but the Sound on Sound review mentions 26gb of samples.

is this larger version available after online purchase?

still having problems loading the TRIAL version - “PROGRAM WON’T LOAD” error.


The 26gb version was the older version. It had all samples in 16 bit and 24 bit separately which bloated the sample bank considerably.

There were also samples and patches for instrument doublings and combinations that they got rid of in the newer version. Many of them were pretty much redundant because there is little use for having e.g. an “octave doubling flute / clarinet” patch if you could just arrange it as such with the normal instruments.

Did you get a license key with the demo?

ahhh ok, great thanks for clearing that up.

i did NOT get a license key.

i’m kinda new to Steinberg.

i downloaded the trial of HSO, but i didn’t see how to get the trial license key.


in the eLcenser Control Center,

HSO shows up as expiring 11-4-2016 in My Licenses and Soft eLicenser.

it does NOT show up in my USB-eLicenser.

i tried installing HSO again, and it completely destroys my Halion and Sonic installations.

they no longer show up as instruments in my DAW.

i give up.

i have 2 support requests open with Steinberg, but no response.

If the demo has a soft license, then that’s not your issue.

Maybe you should look in your C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins directory if the Halion and Sonic “dll” files are still in their directories. If they’re still there, try and re-scan your plugin folders in the Cubase plugin manager.

That might pull them back in.

I’ve never put in a support request with Steinberg, but from what I’ve read, it can take some time.

Steinberg did reply.

they gave me the same link to the HSO download i already had.

i’ll try your ideas.


ok phew.

got it working - not sure how.

pretty nice.

thanks for bearing with me.