HALion Symphonic Orchestra 6.5GB and 27GB?

I’ve just purchased HSO and download the 6.5 GB ISO.
Before I buy it I searched in the web for reviews and found some articles about a 27GB version.
Does any one knows something about this version? What’s the differences, please?

Aloha f and WOW!

I was thinking about getting this product (not just because of the sale) and now reading this
post makes me wonder what’s going on?

Can you provide a link to this review?

TIA (tanx in advance)

The original HSO used to come in VST2 and standalone player versions with both 16-bit and 24-bit samples, which accounts for the size difference. The current product is a VST Sound Instrument Set which can be played back in HSSE and does not have the 24-bit sample set. Trust me, at this price it’s a no-brainer.

Agreed, +1 for no-brainer. I would have bought it if I haven’t got it already.
Some patches are too nice to pass up. And most of the patches are more than decent for my purposes.
If you are concerned about the lack of 24bit, I can tell you 16bit is not bad at all.

Just don’t forget to crank up the Mod wheel, which is assigned to the volume control in most patches.

That was my first issue with the product. I though it was problematic (very low volume sounds) but then I turned the mod wheel and I found it very useful for expression sounds.
Now, I want to compare it with Miroslav Philharmonic and hear the differences.
About the GB size, it’s extreme far the difference 27Gb to 6.5Gb? Wow!

Is there any chance to find and download the original HSO? Does the license work also for the first version?
As in cubase, I have access and I can use any cubase version I want with my license. That’s excellent. :wink:

In my case I originally had the first version that came as a trial with (I think) Cubase 4, so it would be on those DVDs, however I don’t know if you can obtain it as a download, or whether the VST Sound Instrument Set version’s licence will allow you to use the older VST2 version. You’d probably have to contact Steinberg about that. The only reason to want to do that though, would be in order to be able to use it in a different host. Also, I wouldn’t worry about the size of the sample set … it doesn’t always matter :slight_smile:

I haven’t any other DAW than Cubase 7.5.10. I always used Cubase. Never moved to any other but I’d like to give a try to HSO version 1. Can anyone tell me where to find it.
The thing that I can’t contact Steinberg is very annoying. If I have any issue I only have access via the local distributor. I’m not sure if they know much about Cubase and I fear that their answers are very general, not in the point. For example I have never got an answer about the HUB. Why Cubase 7.5.10 in 64bit mode connect in the web via HUB for news etc but not in the 32bit mode? They never gave a solution. Even not an answer. You can check my individual post for this issue. No one answered.
I’ll see if I’ll have the same luck with the current post…

If you need support on any Steinberg product, then log it via My Steinberg (click My Support after logging in) on the main Steinberg site. This is not a support forum.

If you already own HSO VST Sound Instrument Set and you use only Cubase, then there is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in obtaining HSO 16-bit Edition. I don’t know where you can get it but if you still really feel you need it then you’ll have to ask Steinberg.

Yes. As I said when I’m in My Support I get this message:
“Individual support for you is provided by one of our Steinberg distributors. Please find a list of distributors on this page:”
It’s seems I can’t have direct support from Steinberg! I never had contact from Steinberg unless advertisement emails.
What can I do? :unamused:

Not sure in that case … perhaps you should complain about the distributor directly to Steinberg?

But I haven’t access directly to Steinberg!
If I had then there was no reason to complain!
What’s the Steinberg Support e-mail?
Does someone from Steinberg read this forum?

Try info@steinberg.net or click the about link on their website? You could even write a letter.

[/quote]Try info@steinberg.net or click the about link on their website? You could even write a letter.[/quote]

That’s good idea. I sent them an email. Thank you very much