Halion Symphonic Orchestra activation for Cubase 5

I bought Cubase 5 2 years ago and only now I installed HSO trial.
I feel good with it and I would like to buy it but I don’t find nothing on the Steinberg site.
How can I do?
I found some post about 99€ but related links don’t show me nothing about this.

Thanks from Italy

If you go to the help menu > Steinberg on the Web, there is a link to that order form.

It is this:

Thank you so much!

Be aware though, that the link is the HalionSonic SE Soundset version, for use with HalionSonic that comes with Cubase 6. The HSO trial you got with Cubase 5 is different it comes with Halionplayer.
It doublecheck before buying this.

That’s true so, I have the risk to spend monet for nothing?