Halion Symphonic Orchestra Cubase 6 trial not working

Hello Everyone,
I have used the HSO that came with my Cubase 5 last year and now upgraded to Cubase 6 and got 2 more months of trial HSO together with Halion Sonic etc.
Apparently HSO now doesn’t work without Halion Sonic - does this mean that I will be obliged to buy Halion Sonic if I want to use permanently HSO??..
However I haven’t managed to get it working anyway…
I installed the new HSO and Halion Sonic and activated the licenses, but… when I try to open old pieces where I used the HSO it says that the HSO instruments are missing!
Apart from that, when I want to add a new instrument track there is no Halion Symphonic option at all and I don’t seem to find it in the Halion Sonic…

Does someone else experience the same problem?
Is there anyone who could help me and explain how can I get HSO working??

Thank you!!

You need to select the HSO content from within Halion Sonic SE or Halion Sonic.
The part where it shows All Instruments Sets can be changed to Halion Symphonic Orchestra if you just want to display that content.

How do you get this browser view in Sonic/Sonic SE?

It seems different here… I can browse HSO, though. This is a start:)

But unfortunately it doesn’t open projects I composed in Cubase 5 with HSO… :frowning:

First if you are in player view change to edit view by clicking the button highlighted to the left, then select the load button as highlighted above the editor window.

This should display the browser as shown in the earlier post.