Halion Symphonic Orchestra - Cubase 6

I just got Cubase 6 that came with some free trials. I’ve try many times to instal the Halion Symphonic Orchestra but it would never show in the vst instruments list. Then I got to http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vst.html and I only see Halion 4 and Halion Sonic.

Any help?

Hi, you can load these HSO-Sounds in Halion Sonic SE, Halion Sonic and Halion4. There is non specific HSO- VSTinstrument.
Gr, Mike

Thanks, but I’m still kind of lost. how do i load the synphonic orchestra in Halio sonic?

Halion Symphonic orchestra is just a “library” of sound programs that you load in Halion Sonic, Halion Sonic SE, or Halion 4 like any other program. You can find the programs more easily by filtering out just the HSO programs. When you go to load a program into a slot (I am talking about Halion Sonic SE here) in the “filters” window click the “attributes” box. Then on the left column select the drop down and go to “audio-assets” -> “library name”. Now, in the left column you can select the different libraries you want to filter by. If you have HSO installed, it should show up as a library filter option.

p.s. Not sure about Halion Sonic or Halion 4 but there should be a “library” filter that works similarly.

Thanks Jaslan. It worked the same way in Halion Sonic.