HALion symphonic orchestra files are all missing from Sonic SE3!

Today when I started up my Dorico 4 Application I got a message saying that some of my audio files were missing. When I took a look I discovered that all of my HSO files had small red circles with a white minus sign to the left of them. All of the HSO files are gone in sonic but they are still on my hard drive. I tried to activate one of the files and sonic was directing me to find that file separately. When I found the file and clicked on it everything in sonic froze. I do not know why this happened. I did a reinstall of both Dorico and Sonic SE, but the problem still exists. Isn’t there a way to have sonic completely download all of the files again? Does anyone have any knowledge or any suggestions as to how to reinstall all of the files back into sonic?

I also just discovered that in the library, application support, Steinberg, VST sound, many of the HSO files have turned into an alias! I have never seen this before. Can anyone please help?

Have you looked for the files in the Steinberg Library Manager ( a separate program) to see if you can find and connect them that way?

Yes I have and for some reason they have vanished. I am re-downloading the HSO now and also the HALion SE 3.5.10. I’m hoping that this will fix everything. My computer turned itself off which tells me there was a power outage. I don’t see how this could have deleted those files but it is a puzzle.

The re-download did it! Everything is fixed and solved. That was a close one. I was really worried there for a little while lol! By the way, is it true that if I change any of the sounds in the HSO by substituting violin Combi B instead of violin Combi A, that HSO will not function correctly because it will go against the original HSO playback template?

Yes, you will need to create new expression maps because the sounds available and the keyswitches to trigger them are different.
[EDIT: Actually. No. On closer inspection the patches used by the default expression map are the same in both A and B combi. It’s just that not all patches available are mapped. Clearly some experimentation is required!]

Which is the best video to watch to learn how to do that? Or is there a simple step-by-step process you could just tell me here?

Thank you so much for letting me know this Derrek!