Halion Symphonic Orchestra - how to play it

Completely new to this. I just purchased Symphonic Orchestra and installed it.
Download manager shows ‘Halion Symphonic Orchesta’ with a green status bar.
But when I click ‘open’ it says ‘this file does not have an app associated with it’.
If I go to Start > Steinberg, all I see is ‘download manager’.
So, very basic question, how to I open HSO and start playing with it? thanks

ok sorted. The download and install instructions are very out of date.

Make sure to download latest version of Steinberg Library and Steinberg Download Assistant.

Download the file(s)

Make sure the files with Steinberg Library are put where you want them (space consideration). Steinberg remembers where it’s files are!

After opening Symphonic Orchestra you should see that it’s not giving errors regrading it’s files. So, just make sure to open different instruments and see if they load and try!

Hope this helps.