Halion Symphonic Orchestra II


I would love to see the next generation of Halion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO-II) developed and released in the near future !

I think a more mature (HSO-II) with improvements, in quality, performance, and content would be a great Orchestral Library to have, kind of in the middle ground of orchestral libraries, not a basic library, and not too inflated as far as content such as the major Orch. Libraries on the market i.e. VSL, EW, …etc.

HSO-II would be great if it was not too processor and memory demanding, yet provided a rich and high quality content that can be a very useful tool for producing orchestral/soundtrack music.

Hopefully this is something others feel would be useful, and Steinberg will deliver it in the near future.


I hope I’m not the only one who would like to see Steinberg offer a Halion 4 based NEW and improved version of Halion Symph. Orch (II)

This would be a great tool to have for making soundtrack/Orchestral music.

Please Steinberg… Make this happen !!!


This forum is for third party VST(i)'s. Maybe you should try one of the Halion forums:

Halion 4

Halion Symphonic Orchestra

Yes, I’m aware of that. But I currently don’t have the privilege of posing on the Halion 4 or HSO forums. Since I don’t own either of them yet.

I just ordered ‘Halion 4’ and will be receiving it soon, so once I register it, I will be able to post my request over there.

Anyway… I hope that Steinberg reads this section of the forum, and will eventually offer HSO II . It will be a very useful tool to have.


The current HSO that comes as a trial with Cubase 6 and can be purchased as a permanent licence is based on the Halion 4 engine.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m actually hoping for a completely NEW or Major Upgrade to HSO, namely something like HSO-II.

Offering more variety, and higher-quality Orchestral Sections, Solo Instruments, and more real time performance features, Basically… The next generation of HSO.

I hope Steinberg is reading this, and will eventually deliver something like HSO-II in the near future.


I wonder if we will ever see HSO-II released during 2012 ? or will this never happen ?

imho. HSO-II will have a nice market share if Steinberg does it right. (Price and Content), It all depends on Steinberg’s vision for the future of HSO. Unless they decide to stop its evolution. :unamused:

I agree 100% with Muziksculp and I wish everibody who think like us, to subscribe this post. I especially would like that Articulations were put on the keys in the first octave, not having to switch from one channel to another. Long life to HSO II !!!